Celebrating cultural diversity

Cultural exchange and the emancipation of cultures has proven successful in contributing to peace and expanding the horizons of Europeans. The Greens/EFA policy is to maintain and extend exchange in the field of culture and education - and to demand the necessary budgetary resources. 

Progress in digital technology has facilitated dissemination, access and use of cultural productions during the past years. Hindering this trend would pose unnecessary obstacles to creativity and innovation. At the same time, the EU must find ways to ensure that creators receive the pay they deserve for their work.

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Promoting youth access to the labour market, strengthening trainee, internship and apprenticeship status

Youth unemployment is one of EuropeÂ’s most pressing problems.

The rate of unemployment amongst young people in...


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On the online distribution of audiovisual works in the European Union

The European market for the online distribution of films and music is fragmented.

For example, a would-be buyer...