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Financial aid in the field of the trans-European transport and energy networks

As the economic crisis has continued, investors have become cautious about where to place their money.

This wait-and-see attitude prompted the Commission to launch a project designed to tap into institutional investors' capital to finance European infrastructure projects, especially in the transport and energy sectors.

The European Investment Bank (EIB) would guarantee the riskiest parts of these investments.

While the pilot programme is called the "Europe 2020 Project Bond Initiative", its structure resembles that of public-private partnerships (PPPs).


What was the Greens' position?

The Greens insist that infrastructure projects must respect ecological and other sustainability criteria to qualify for funding.

If the EU shares financial risks with private investors it should be duly recompensed, ensuring that private investors genuinely participate in the business instead of simply pocketing the profits.

We also believe that the EU should have a decisive say in decision-making concerning project design and implementation.


Did other MEPs accept the Greens' position?

We were successful in introducing several references to sustainability into the report, as well as our point on fair remuneration for taking risks from investors.


Which points did the Greens lose?

Unfortunately, our amendment concerning risk-bearers' participation in the decision-making process was not included in the report.

Moreover, in our view sustainability did not figure strongly enough in the report.

We were unable to avoid the approval of funding for motorways, which have become a useless burden for countries like Portugal or Greece.


Procedure:Ordinary legislative procedure


Lead MEP:Görän Färm (S&D)

Green MEP responsible:Isabelle Durant


Staff contact:Tom Koeller (Email)